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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everything has a season

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 107

The time is now winding down for our garden as we come closer to the fall season. The cucumber vines and leaves are starting to turn yellow. Even though the season for growing our vegetables will soon end some plants are still awaiting their season. Poppies and marigolds bloom in the summer, however, daffodils bloom in later winter, early spring.

Everything has a season and so do we. When we look over our lives, we can see the changes we've gone through over the years. From kindergarten, to elementary school, to high school, to college, to university and out to the work force - all these changes and seasons occurring in our lives one after the other.

We see the different phases of our growth. But even though those times have come and gone, there are still so many phases for us to go and grow. One thing for sure, is that we need to enjoy those moments that we have - enjoy the now. Many times we live our lives looking forward to the next thing and miss the gem in the present moment. We become so wrapped up in a future that's not here now, that once we get to the 'future' that we're anticipating it's not as spectacular as we thought it would have been and then we regret the past and what we missed out on.

While we have our garden, we'll enjoy the work, the lessons, and the fruit. We'll use this time to live in the moment and enjoy this precious time. Not only do we enjoy growing the garden, but the time we spent together with our children, teaching them and sharing our joyful memories when we were kids and also learning with them as we observe nature in all of its changing splendour.

It's great to dream about the future and there's a time for that, as well. But more importantly, the present is all we have right now. Even when we've moved forward in time to what we call the future, which has now become our present, we must find the joy in the present, not at a future date because the future date is now - the present time and opportunity to choose whether we will make the most of it or keep dreaming about what will be.

The present is all we have to create the future through our thinking, so why not enjoy the present, see the joy in right now so that the future which will become the present will be filled with joy in the right now. We could do nothing in the future just as we could do nothing in the past. Our time and our season to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others, is now - in the way we think, now, in the actions we do, now.

Once we do these things now, our future will be brighter because we will be filled with joy and appreciation no matter what. We have learned to accept now as now and live now to the fullest. If now is the only season you have, which it is, how do you think you should spend it?

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