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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apples galore!

The apple trees that bore a lot of fruit last year didn't bear as much this year, however, the ones that didn't do so well last year were pruned back in late fall last year and early spring. They did really well this year.

This crab apple tasted really good. I loved coming out every morning and eating a few just before I began my exercise routine - good energy boost.

We thought these were also crab apples, but we found out recently that they're called flowering crab from Japan. We don't eat them but they make pretty good jam and a good substitute for cranberry sauce. Instead of using cranberry sauce with turkey, this makes quite a good combination.

Looking at the apples on tree, it doesn't seem like a whole lot until we begin to pick them.

We're waiting for the first frost to begin to enjoy these apples. Apparently they love the cooler weather; that's when they're the sweetest.

Some of the flowering crabs harvested (in the basket), crab apples in the back with plum prunes.

Harvest basket - a little bit of everything with a jar of jam from the flowering crab. Jams come in really handy over the winter. They're the first thing to go before the winter gets into full swing.


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