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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dream your dream

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 116

I was recently having a conversation with our 7 year old daughter. She said that her dream is to go into the city to find her husband when she grows up. I told her that when she got older she may not feel the same way, and besides, we may not be living here at that time. I also said to her, "Dream your dream, but also allow things to unfold as you get older."

Dad was in another room and overheard the conversation and came out and advised her that the beauty of a dream is that you can go anywhere you desire to and be whatever you desire to be and you don't have to settle for re-runs when you can have a new flick - moment by moment.

Whatever you desire to do, know that you have the freedom to do it; the ball is in your court. You just have to decide that this is what you are going to do, start with the inspired thought of what you feel in your heart that you can do and move forward in that direction. You don't have to settle for the re-runs of past failures and disappointments and live them over and over, you can decide to begin again, today.

You never know where your dreams will lead you no matter what age you are. I recall when I was a little bit older that my daughter that I decided that when I grew up I'd like to work in an office, I'd also like to be a teacher and when I had my children, I'd like to work from home. Yes, I've done them all. It's amazing the seeds you can put into your heart and how they grow, blossom and bear fruit and manifest in your physical reality.

So as I said to my daughter - dream your dreams and allow them to unfold in time. But choose carefully and let the Spirit of God organize them and bring them into your life at the right time.

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