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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keep your focus

Getting my body back - Day 134

Today is Day 2 of 'The 14-Day Body Sculpting Workout'. It was much cooler this morning, so I had to put on my comfy sweater and head out for my walk. By the time I was done I was feeling nice and toasty. I usually hibernate for the winter but I've decided to get out of my comfort zone and begun making plans to keep up with my outdoor workout - burrr!! It feels really good going out for the morning fresh air.

I completed my step exercise and then on to my weight training. I'm really working on keeping my form. This is really important to prevent injury. In addition to keep form, I'm keeping focused on the muscles I'm working on and contracting them, as well, to maximize my results.

Sometimes when we are working on a task we can become so distracted that our mind is not on what we're doing. When we do this, we miss the essence of the moment. It's the same with food. There are so many things we do that distract us even while we're eating. I have the habit of eating in front of my computer; something I've developed from having my own office in the corporate world. However, I try to keep my focus on the flavour of the food, especially when my husband cooks which is like, uhm, 99% of the time - God bless him. But his meals are jammed packed with mouth-watering explosive flavours which make portion control next to impossible, but I really try.

When we're distracted we're not consciously engaged in the experience of the flavour of the food or mentally engaged with the visualization process of weight training which makes a big impact on the results we're getting. As we're focused on what we're doing at the time, we are open for new ideas and we can actively affect the way we feel and make adjustments when something is not going right.

Keep the focus on whatever you're doing so you can better channel your energies into your activity.

Fuelling words: I am focused on my current activity that I may reap full benefit from it.

Workout: walking, jogging, step exercises, weight training

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