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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Creating change that lasts - Part 3 - Be determined

Getting my body back - Day 124

Even after you've made your decision to achieve your goal, you need to be determined to seeing it through until you reach the finish line. You see, when you first set yourself to do something, you're all hyped up and ready to go. But the true test is when you're faced with discouragement, challenges and obstacles - that's when you need to dig deep inside of you, that's when you need a strong 'it' or 'why' to keep you going. Your reason for achieving a goal must be strong enough to support and carry that desire to fruition.

When you're faced with comments from the naysayers, your determination pushes you passed their negativity. They don't share your dream and passion and they will not see it from your viewpoint because #1 - they are not you, and #2 - the passion to see the goal is not inside them. Your naysayers will have passion for whatever they choose to achieve for themselves.

Not because someone did not succeed at what you're trying to achieve means that you will fail, as well. Perhaps they did not achieve their goal because they gave up too soon, just when they were at the point of breaking through or they let others discourage them when the pressure built up.

But when you are determined to have your desire, despite the opposition, everything will fall into place once you keep the faith, you believe and you know. Sometimes you may have to wait a bit for things to unfold, but keeping the flame of your desire burning strong in your heart and mind will certainly cause the doors to open in due season. Determination causes you to be opened to new ways of action or direction to achieving your goal.

Fuelling words: I am determined to achieve my ideal weight goal regardless of any obstacles or delays.

Workout: walking, weight lifting

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