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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The law of giving and receiving - Part 3 - Be open to receive

Getting my body back - Day 129

It is important that when we give we are also open to receive. When we are not open to receive we close the flow and therefore stop what we're expecting to come into our lives.

If my baby is unwilling to drink the milk when I give it to her, the milk supply becomes backed up and causes me tremendous discomfort. Sometimes the breast can become so full it makes it difficult for baby to latch on and drink the milk.

If we are giving but are not open to receive, what we're expecting to come into our lives cannot come because we're not open to receive through the channels the Universe has chosen to bring our desire.

We shared some of our harvest from our garden with some of our neighbours. However, our new set of watermelon that started out so good are being affected by the cooler weather. I was really hoping that we would have had some watermelon for the season and thought that maybe we would purchase a couple from the store. Today, one of our neighbours was given two watermelons and decided to give us one of them.

When we are willing to share with others, we open the door for good things to come back into our lives. We weren't expecting anything in return, but the law of the Universe brought us our desire to have watermelon this summer. After all, what's summer without watermelon, huh?

We gratefully received it. We could have said, "No, it's okay, we don't need it," or "You didn't have to do that." If we did, we would have been shutting the door and the flow of giving and receiving and stopping the other person from receiving what they desire as well.

A river that flows freely benefits all people, and similarly, a river that is dammed up affects all, as well. This is also true in giving and receiving. When we give to others it not only benefits us but others as well, whether or not we're aware of who the individuals that are benefiting from it. The reverse is also true. Withholding takes away from those who need to be blessed.

Fuelling words: I give but I am also open to receive to keep the circular flow of goodness coming into and flowing through my life.

Workout: endurance exercises, walking

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