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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Persistence - the key to goal attainment

Getting my body back - Day 133

So, I'm off and running with day 1 of the 14-day body sculpture workout, beginning with my walking, step climbing and weight training. I'm really making sure that I get my form right and moving between lighter weights to heavier weights depending on the exercise and the amount of reps.

I'm still working on my push ups, though. I could do the full length push ups but can't do as many reps, so I do knee push ups, still working the chest but getting more reps in. It's been a great workout and I feel great, too. One of the reasons, I believe, is because I've been doing the weight training before so it's easier to make the transition and not have to start at the newbie level.

As with anything you embark on, you need to stay focused on your goals, one day at a time, and be persistent. Persistent is the key to attaining any goal. One of the things I'm reminded of that I tend to forget sometimes is to focus on and contract the muscles as I work them.

I love weight training because of the benefits I get long after the exercise workout is over. Weight training works the muscles and continues to help burn fat throughout the day and into the night, and more importantly, tighten those areas that are being pulled down by gravity, if you know what I mean.

I'm taking my routine to the next level where I'm redesigning and sculpting my body into the way I desire it to be.

Fuelling words: I am persistent in achieving my goal. I use different methods but my focus remains constant.

Workout: walking, step exercise, weight training.

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