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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The law of giving and receiving - Part 2 - Give of yourself

Getting my body back - Day 128

Go to Part 1 if you haven't read it as yet.

When I breast feed my baby, I'm giving milk from a source that's within my body. The more she nurses, the more milk is supplied from the source.

As we give of ourselves the more of what we need to give is supplied to us. We open the channels of our lives - our gifts, talents and abilities - for a fresh supply to enter in. The issue is not so much as in the thing you're giving but in the heart of the giver.

Giving can be expressed through many avenues but it all comes from one place and that's inside of you. The extent to which you give all depends on who you are and how open you are to receiving. If you give thinking about how much you will have left, you would hesitate in your giving and not give freely what you initially thought you should have given to another. In doing so, you are blocking the flow of your own personal receiving.

Instead of holding back on your giving, release it knowing that your supply freely flows through and in you. The Source of your supply is constantly flowing in abundance to satisfy all you need and could never be exhausted.

When we change in our thinking and open our minds to the abundance of the Spirit, we cease to live in fear of loss and lack and begin to live in connection with the Spirit and freely receive the abundance of life.

Whenever you're not receiving in any particular area of your life, check to see what area you have not been freely giving, where you can increase your giving and where there's a blockage that's stopping you from receiving. The scripture says that whatever we sow that we shall also reap and that we reap in accordance to the amount that we sow. Increase your seeds of giving in all areas of your life and harvest the abundance of your giving.

Fuelling words: I give healthy foods to my body that I may reap a healthy body in return. I exercise so that my body will be strong and remain in healthy working order.

Workout: endurance exercises, weight lifting, walking, jogging

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