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Monday, May 31, 2010

Success: Nurture your Way to Success - Part 1

Want to be successful in whatever you do? You first need to engage in nurturing activities that will naturally bring you the fruit of success.

If you plant a garden with the intention of having a bountiful harvest, you need to ensure that you take the necessary steps to daily care for the garden by attending to the needs of the seeds, the needs of the soil, as well as protect the garden from invaders. As you do these things, in the right season, your crop will begin to bloom and bear fruit.

A healthy garden and ultimately healthy crop does not come about haphazardly. It comes with the intention of the gardener. All gardening activities are implemented with the intention to have a productive harvest.

Success as well is also intentional and comes as a natural occurrence as you daily engage in the necessary steps to facilitate it. When you diligently nurture your business, your relationship, your health, your spiritual life or whatever area of your life you desire to be successful in, the natural occurrence will be the reward of a healthy fruit-filled life.

We all want to enjoy the fruit but before the fruit can come we need to go through the nurturing process from seed to maturity. Then, the harvest will flow naturally.

The next few tips will show you how to nurture your way to success.

1) Examine the soil

Certain soil type, whether sandy, clay or loam etc., grow certain plants better than some. When you examine the soil, make sure you have the right environment for your business, relationship, health or spiritual life to thrive in.

The right environment for your business may be having the right prospects or right location so your business can thrive.

The right environment for your relationship may be to have better quality friends or spend more quality time with your partner to improve your relationship.

The right environment for your health may be to make healthier meal choices and engage in regular exercises to help you be successful in maintaining or gaining your ideal weight.

The right environment for your spiritual growth may be to spend less time watching television and more time in quiet contemplation and meditation so you can become more fruitful and fulfilled in all you do.

Not having the right soil type for your plant can hinder proper growth and affect your harvest. You can create the right environment to accept the seeds you sow in your life.

Tomorrow we will look at more tips to nurture your way to succcess.


  1. Very good analogies, Alicia. Thanks. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Have a blessed day.


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