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Monday, May 17, 2010

Creating Change for the Right Reasons

If your reason for changing is to please others, then you’re in for some serious disappointments and you’ll be forever changing your life to win the favour of others. For when you think that you’ve finally arrived to where they think you should be, there’ll be something else you’ll have to change in order to receive their praise. This is a very exhausting way to live your life because you’ll have to be constantly wondering what the other person desires for you to be and you’ll find yourself being a very unhappy person in the end.

True happiness does not come from without – the satisfaction of pleasing everyone else. But it comes from within – from the joy that flows within. If you’re unhappy with your life and you decide it’s time for a change, then this change must be for the right reasons and come from the right place. If your reason is for an external force – that which is outside of yourself – sooner or later this ship will run aground and crash.

Lasting change must begin within – change that starts within oneself. And the funny thing about this kind of change is that it attracts to you those who enjoy being in the company of who you are or who you’ve become and it moves away those who do not approve of you because you are no longer on the same energy wave.

This kind of change produces joy and peace. This kind of change opens up doors where they once were shut and elevates you to a higher level of vibration and excitement of life. Because you are no longer looking outside of yourself for change approval, you are no longer fazed by those who disapprove of you. You’ve settled within yourself this issue because you’ve approved of you.

This kind of change – change because YOU desire to change – is the kind of change that lasts and continues to grow and expand and overflows into the lives of others around you and in turn enriches their lives. This type of change invites new good quality friendships and opens the doors for personal freedom and enjoyment of life.

No longer are you are a mental slave to the opinions of others. No longer do you need the approval of others are a drug to put you on another high. But you have learned to be content within yourself and draw life-energy from the Source of your Infinite Supply which energizes you from within and puts you on such a spiritual high that you need no external boosters to sustain you.

Change for the right reasons, must first be from within and that change will shape and transform your outer world bringing complete satisfaction in your mind, body and soul.

How do you deal with situations where others want you to change for their satisfaction?


  1. To answer your question, Alicia, I definitely do not deal well with situations where others want me to change for them! My stubborn, persevering nature wants to keep things the same, rather than change for the other person. I really do want to change for me when it comes to weight. However, as I'm much older now, and the body is set in its ways, the change is MUCH MUCH harder. But I'll never give up on THAT wanted change. Thanks for your post. Sincerely, Susan

  2. That`s great Susan. And it`s your life to live the way it was meant to live and not to be a people-pleaser. Thanks for sharing.



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