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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Quote of the Day - What does abundance mean to you?

Don't make the mistake of making your desires only in money terms. Abundance means plenty of everything - Harrison Klein

Whenever we hear the word abundance we often think about it in terms of money. Money is definitely a vital part of our daily living but it's certainly not the only part.

How do you measure abundance?

We often consider a person who has a lot of money successful and they truly are successful and have abundance in the form of money. But if you were to look at the other areas of their lives, are they truly abundant? If someone has a lot of money but is still unhappy, unforgiving, discontented with life and the others areas of family life is disastrous, then that person would not really be considered as having abundance.

For money should be the tool we use to express the inner peace, joy, love through the physical avenues that we choose - whether buying a gift for a love one, purchasing a home to ensure that you and/or your loved ones are protected and have a place to call home, or ultimately living and fulfilling your life purpose on earth which will positively affect the lives of others you choose to bless with your talents.

What does abundance mean to you?

Whether abundance means having the freedom to do the things you desire to do with your family, more happiness in your relationship with your significant other or simply being able to grow a beautiful garden, allow it to completely enrich your life in abundant measures. You decide what's important to you, believe you can have it, be open to receive it, expect it and allow it to flow in and through you.

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