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Monday, May 3, 2010

Living in the Realm of Inner Knowing - Part 1

When you live in the realm of inner knowing, whatever you need and whatever information you desire, come to you naturally.

One day I was trying to remember a lady's name so I could send her an email. I could see her face but could not remember her name. The thought came to me to clear my mind, concentrate on her face that I was visualizing. Then I asked, "What is your name?" Her name came to me so clearly and then I was able to send the email to her.

When we stop and become clear so we can concentrate and focus, we allow the information we need to emerge to the surface of our conscious mind enabling us to live a fulfilled and enriched life.

The inner knowing is the seat of Divine Intelligence. All that you ever desire or will ever desire to know lies there. When you clear your mind and concentrate, allow your attention to focus on the seat of Divine Intelligence, the inner knowing, you will receive and know the answer to what you desire every time.

When you live in the realm of inner knowing, you just know and when you get to that place, the teachers of that realm or level will appear. In that level of knowing, all things come to you easily and effortlessly. There's no anxiety for anything because you know that all things come to you and you know that all you desire will be fulfilled.

Begin to live today from the place of inner knowing by becoming more conscious that you know what to do even before you know what to do. Live in the place and attitude of knowing what to do and how to do it and the way will be opened for the physical action to catch up with the unseen.

Tap into and live from the place of inner knowing and open yourself for the wisdom that lies within this place to emerge and surface to the conscious mind to instruct you on the next step you should take.

Living from the place of inner knowing gives you the ability to know the truth and living the truth you are set free to live in freedom. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Search the recesses of the inner being for the truth and when you search you will find that which is righteous and the right action to take.

Any questions you have, you can ask in the place of inner knowing and the answer will emerge effortlessly as you look within.

Daily practice makes it become a lifestyle - looking towards and living from the inner knowing.

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