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Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Formula for Success

Any endeavour to achieve one's ideal weight must be made with persistent repetition to create the imprint over time and define successful progress in getting your body back.

By following the formula for success, R=IOT, Repetition = Imprint Over Time, you'll begin to gain results in your health and weight loss as you consistently apply the formula.

4 Steps to apply the formula for success to getting your body back

1) Thoughts

Because your thoughts affect your life and the results you get, this is the first place you'd look at to resolve any weight or health issues. What are your consistent repetitive thoughts concerning your current weight, your diet - what are your thoughts on healthy eating, and exercise - what are your recurring thoughts on exercise?

When you dig deep to uncover and identify what you truly believe about these areas and ultimately what you're acting out because of this belief, then you can make the necessary adjustments to change your thoughts to affect your actions and manifest the results you desire. The results? Imprint Over Time.

2) Your diet

Once you've checked your thoughts on your diet, what you're consistently repeatedly thinking about your food, and you make a decision to change the inhibiting thoughts, your actions will follow to create the change necessary to enhance your nutrition. For example, you can look at why you love eating junk food and is it adding value to your physical health. What foods are adding value to your health and what are not? If you're unsure, there's a wealth of information available to help you decide.

Food is not your enemy. It's fuel for your body to keep you in ship shape. And a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, proteins, carbs and healthy fats all work together to maintain this health process. Drinking lots of water cleanses the body and helps to bring the food to the rest of the body through the blood. Just as negative thoughts affect the results of your life in a negative way, foods that do not enrich or add energy does the same to your body.

3) Exercise

How do you think about exercise? One of the areas I had to deal with and still work on is getting my daily exercise in and avoiding boredom. But exercise builds up your metabolism and weight training not only builds your muscles and helps you burn more fat but also strengthens your bones.

If you're like me where exercise is concerned, you'd need to make a firm decision to add this very important activity into your life even if you have to take consistent baby steps at first until your body begins to call for more, and it certainly will.

You'll find that your body will feel different and your energy level will soar. When you get off track, your body will certainly tell you that you've fallen off your game. Get back on track and keep moving forward toward your goal creating the definite imprint over time which will be evident through your healthy eating and exercise.

4) Healthy Living

When you get your thoughts in alignment with your health and ideal weight goal, followed by the actions of eating a healthy diet and engaging in a daily workout routine, the repetitive imprint will begin to form over time resulting in positive results in getting your body back.

Exercise should be enjoyed and if you're not enjoying your workout find something that you really like doing - riding a bicycle, swimming, horseback riding, hiking - you fill in whatever you feel good doing. The whole point of it is to become more active and the more you use your body the more your body will produce more energy and you'll feel alive.

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