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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day - You have the Blue Print to Life within You

You have the blue print to life and success within you.

As a mom, whether or not you are pregnant now, you are experiencing or have experienced and witnessed the creative process as it unfolded within you- from beginning to the manifestation. You carry a great treasure and hold the key to life within your make up.

For the birthing of a dream from conception to birth, every stage of a baby's development is a measuring line to the growth process of a dream.

God has created your body with such intricate magnificence to physically express the creative process from thought, whether consciously or unconsciously, to action, producing the result of conception and the growing process leading to the final stage of birth.

You are God's magnificent masterpiece and co-creator with him. Your physical body was masterfully put together to express life.

God has given you the blueprint to unconditional love; love that goes beyond fault, the 'in spite of' love, and not the 'because of' love. When you look into the eyes of your little ones you see beyond the snotty nose, dirty diapers and even the cheeky lips.

You have the inner strength to overcome many obstacles and endure many trials. But as you have endured through labour and have pulled up on hidden strength within you to get you through this process, so too, have you pulled up on deep inner strength to pull you through tough times and to sustain you.

You have many lessons hidden within your being and your physical body. Mother, you have touched love and love flows in and through you. Let the soil of Love nurture you as you have nurtured others and enrich yourself.

Today is your special day. Be saturated with the Love of Life, embrace it and let Love be your guide. For out of the soil of Love will you radiate your true graciousness and light. Mother, let your light shine before others. Let the deep waters of your heart connect to the Source today and overflow with refreshing life. Let the radiance of your beauty flow from within. Shine bright, mother and let the warmth of your love embrace the land.

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