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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 Steps to Finding Who You Are

The first step in finding who you are, you need to look at how you identify yourself. Do you find your identity in the things that are external, outside of yourself - your job, your money, your profession, your family, friends, children? The list could go on and on.

External conditions and experiences may change - children grow up, friends move away, company changes and downsize their staff. Is your identity fixed in these externals? Then you may find yourself left with a gaping hole when these changes occur and you find your life in chaos.

Who are you and what will you do?  Where will you go from here? Where will you stand? Will these changes or loss shake your self-esteem or confidence to redefine who you are?

These 5 steps will guide you to finding who you are so you can connect or reconnect with the true you.

1) Look within

Instead of looking outward and allowing your circumstances, your environment, other people's opinions of who you are or who you should be or how you should think become your truth, look within your own heart and determine who you are. Life and power comes from within outward and not the other way around.

2) Consult with your joy

As you look within to your own heart, search for the things that bring you joy. What gets you excited? What things are you passionate about - you feel deeply or have strong opinions on? What topics or subjects are you drawn to and are they adding value to your life and enhancing who you are?

3) Enjoy your own company

Spend time alone in your own company. Some people are afraid to be alone. If you fall into this category, it's time to be your best friend and spend more time with you. It is in these moments you discover who you are, you discover your strengths and weaknesses, and find the joy in knowing who you are. "But what if I don't like who I find?" you may ask. It's time for self-assessment followed by plans to recreate who you are. Perhaps you've allow the opinions of others to infiltrate and overshadow your own thinking capacity and you've lost your way - not sure of what you believe. There's no time like the present to begin to change and adopting some 'you' time to create a new you and new opinions of yourself.

4) Connect with the place of love

Search your heart for the place of love. Even if you've never done this before, there's a place within us where love resides and as you sit in your quiet place allow your mind to focus on this emotion of love within. The more you do this exercise, the more you'll find that it will expand, heal and energize you from within. Your day will have more meaning. The simplest tasks will bring you more joy because you're not looking for your joy or contentment from outside of yourself, you would have found it within and therefore it will radiate outward in all you do, giving meaning to your everyday routine.

5) Increase your 'me' time

If you find that you're lacking joy, meaning in your life, contentment and balance, you need to check the amount of time you're spending filling up your inner love tank and replenishing your inner resources. For as you're giving out on a daily basis to your loved ones, your friends or even a stranger, you need to replenish the energy that you've dispensed. You may be running on low or empty fuel. As you begin to replenish within, the radiance of your inner beauty will brighten your life and overflow into all you do. 

As you use these steps, you'll find that you'll begin to enjoy life on your journey of self-exploration and discovery.

Tomorrow we'll go into how you can take it to the next level, draw more power, strength, love, life into you and find a solid foundation to stand on even if your outer experience may seem chaotic.

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