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Monday, May 24, 2010

Formula for Success – Understanding the Principle of Repetition

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Tomasz Kuran
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Some time ago, as I was taking my daily walk in my backyard, I noticed that as the snow melted and the grass began to dry a faint path began to form. Not wanting to create a permanent path in the lawn, I had to change my route and keeping it inconsistent.

Out of this experience came the formula R=IOT, Repetition = Imprint Over Time. Any success or lack of success in any area of our lives come as a result of the process of repetition – repeating the same thoughts over and over and over followed by the action or inaction which begins to become more and more defined and embedded within the subconscious thus bringing about our current results.

Let’s look at how it works taking the path of the lawn as an example or even the path of how a trail is formed. It starts off faint at first but over time becomes a clearly defined path. If a person inconsistently takes that path, no defined path is made. You may see some evidence that someone had walked that way but no defined path had formed.

If the person consistently takes the path on a weekly basis, it will take a long time to become defined but eventually it will due to consistency. However, if the same person on a daily basis walks the path the imprint is quickly defined over time.

An imprinted path shows evidence of a consistent activity – whether good or bad. If you’ve ever noticed a path that has been formed, nothing grows on the area where cars or people consistently drive or walk on. In order to encourage growth again, all travelling activity would have to be abandoned and another path taken.

To change the end results in your life, you must change the path. Consistent repetition leaves imprint over time that disallows other things to grow leaving a clearly defined path for others to follow – whether that path or example is dangerous and unproductive or not.

Repetition for subconscious change

As we consistently create the image we desire, it begins to form and become clearly defined and later on imprinted in such a way that nothing else can grow on that area because it has been well defined by the footprints of one’s desire. This inward practice becomes manifested evidence in one’s life of the daily consistent repetition of one’s internal belief system and self-talks.

Each day this week we’ll take a closer look at how this formula for success can be applied to other areas of our lives to bring about the results we’re expecting.

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