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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Morning Scripture - The Parable of the Sower

This morning's scripture is taken from Mark 4:1-28

You may have heard of the Parable of the Sower which Jesus taught the people as they gathered. But how does this parable apply to our lives today and how can we use it as a way to measure where we are in terms of believing and receiving what we desire to manifest in our lives. There are four scenarios in this story. The farmer sows some seeds...

Scenario 1 - Some fell along the path

These are people who hear the truth regarding changing their lives and their situation, however never believed or accepted it as truth and because of this, their disbelief short-circuits any kind of blessings or any chance to receive of the abundance of the Spirit.

Scenario 2 - Some fell on rocky places

These are like people who hear the truth and receive the answer to their situation. They are happy that they got the answer but because they've not taken the time to allow it to take root, become embedded and imprinted into their subconscious mind, when the sun of adversity comes, if they're ridiculed by friends or family, if obstacles come to challenge them, they give up. They may say, "Maybe it wasn't meant to be." Their dream no longer can survive because the life producing and sustaining energy needed from the subconscious root is no longer feeding it.

Scenario 3 - Other seed fell among thorns

These are those who hear the truth but other pressing family issues and concerns come up and take them off track from their destination or they changed their minds from what they desired in the first place. Their first desire is no longer being nourished and it ultimately loses power to survive and becomes choked out by that which has now replaced it - it never materializes.

Scenario 4 - Some fell on good soil

These are those whose hearts were ready - they heard the word/instructions of truth, they received it with joy, accepted it, meditated on it and allowed it to become embedded and imprinted into their subconscious programming so it took root and yield its power of growth and manifestation into their lives. These are the ones who have not allowed the pressures of the personal or family concerns or their current situation to dictate the outcome.

But they kept focused on the truth, kept pressing forward toward their goal, kept believing that everything will work out. And when the harvest time had come, the fruit bearing stage, they are filled with the fruit of that which they desired and what they received in return was a whole lot more than what had been sown in the first place.

Like any seed, when you plant it, the return harvest is usually over and above that which was originally sown. Many stand in awe because of the fruit they see, but they had not considered the process by which these individuals had to undergo to get to that point. Many of the onlookers may have been among those previously mentioned in the above three categories.

So which category do you fall into? It's never too late to recreate yourself into the 4th category. Allowing the seed of the truth about your situation to sink deep into the soil of your heart and produce the results you desire.


  1. Fourth category, pul-eese, Alicia. I keep digging for that good soil, knowing God will help me achieve all my dreams. Thanks! Sincerely, Susan

  2. That's right Susan. And you will achieve your dreams.


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