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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finding who you are - Taking it to the next level

Now that you've discovered how to find who you are and know where to look, as you put these into practice it's time to take it up to the next level to experience more joy, more love, more power and a more fulfilled life in every area of your life.

Every branch has nutrients to sustain the leaves and fruits that it bears but if that branch is cut off from the tree, its main source of continued supply, how will it survive? The entire tree draws its nutrients from the roots as well as its energy from the elements - the sun and rain. But as much as these outside elements enhance the growth of this tree, it means nothing if the tree has no roots. The branch that's disconnected, no matter how much energy it draws from these external energy, will soon wither away, lose its zest for life and die.

As it is with nature, so it is with every one of us. We are not independent, we are all connected and that connection leads back to the Universal pool of energy, the Source of Divine Intelligence which we refer to as God. Our connection to God is one of conscious awareness that we are connected and the source of our supply - everything we need - comes from this vast inner Source through the stream of our lives. Until we make that conscious connection, we'll never experience and enjoy the fullness that life has to offer even though the potential is unlimited. 

Like a newborn baby who has legs and arms and the potential power of walking and touching but is consciously unaware of his/her potential, so are we in our personal growth in relationship to knowing and understanding the power that lies within us and the unlimited supply which comes from the Unlimited Source Energy. 

So exactly how do we take our lives to the next level and experience more joy, peace, love, wealth - unlimited supply? 

1) Conscious awareness

As with the example above of the newborn baby, you must become consciously aware that you are connected to the Universal Source Supply. Therefore what you desire to manifest, you need to become conscious of that - joy conscious, peace conscious, love conscious, money conscious - and know that it comes from the vast eternal supply. It is not enough to just know it in your head but to apply it to your life and also know how to apply it to your life. You may say, "God is my infinite supply," and you'd be right, but do you really know how to open the door for that infinite supply to flow from the Source into the stream of your life?

2) Acceptance

You must also accept that the Unlimited Supply flows through and in you and that all you need is available for you and is seeking a way to flow through you. God is the infinite supply but do you believe and accept that you are connected to it? Let's look again at the branch example. You are a branch to the Universal Tree. Your connection is through your conscious awareness and acceptance of this fact and then your ability to receive the nutrients which comes as a result of this connection. 

3) Connect in the silence

It is in silence that our strength is renewed. In the silence inspiration comes. In the most intimate moment with God, in the silence we draw love, peace, find the foundation of our strength, become acquainted with our true identity, stand on solid rock. Because it is here that we are unshakable knowing that our protection, our strength, our hope is in the Infinite and not in the limitations of external circumstances and conditions. 

4) Draw from the Unlimited Supply

You draw from the Unlimited Supply by becoming conscious of the presence of the Infinite Source within your inner being. Turn all of your attention within and allow your emotions to connect and feel the flow of life. Allow the life energy to flow through and in you and satisfy you within. If you desire more joy, become conscious of the energy and spirit of joy. If you desire more love, become conscious of the energy and spirit of love flowing in and through you. 

5) Repeat

Repeat this process every day and you'll find that you'll begin to elevate to a higher level of power that you may have never experienced in your life. Drink of the life energy. Let it fill you, saturate you and satisfy you wholly that it radiates and overflow into the lives of others. 

You're about to embark on a totally new level of spiritual connection that will literally transform your life from the inside out. But you must put the time in. You must be hungry for it. You must be thirsty for it and then you will be filled. 

Tomorrow we'll go deeper into #4 - Action steps to Draw from the Unlimited Supply

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