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Monday, May 10, 2010

Finding who you are - Getting connected

Do you find yourself going through the motion of everyday living - trying to do everything for everyone else or doing what you 'should' be doing but still feel disconnected from everything and everyone - from life and truly living? 

When you find yourself at this point when you can't feel who you are, feel the excitement about life, feel the joy of living, it's time to stop and reconnect with who you are. You may be experiencing a sense of imbalance, going through life without really making the true connection and benefiting from the beauty that life has to offer. 
Beneath all of that disconnection, the true person of who you are is waiting to emerge, to shine brightly and bless the world with your radiance. But the demands of life have clouded over the radiance of your inner sun and give a grim reflection of who you truly are. It's time for your light to shine and break through the bleakness of the life you've settled for. It's time to reach out and embrace the life you were meant to truly live. 

Your being the servant to all and neglecting the person of who you are does not produce results of beauty and enlightenment. For sooner or later what you're trying to accomplish will result in limited effort, frustration, and the feeling of being unloved, unfulfilled and lacking in purpose. 

So if you're ready to come out from under the shade of falsehood and walk out from under the shadow of depression and connect to who you are, we'll dive into how you can find yourself, your joy, your power, your peace, connect to who you are and live an enriched, fulfilled life even as you're carrying out your regular daily routine.

Tomorrow we'll go through the step by step process to finding and connecting to who you are, find the joy in living and live life on purpose.


  1. Hello Alicia...Look forward to tomorrow post and all your posts. I've worked hard on discovering who I am but I'm sure it's always good to learn more. Have a wonderful day. Sincerely, Susan

  2. You're welcome Susan. And I'm sure you'll have some additional value to share with us. Thanks.



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