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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Success: Nurture your Way to Success - Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at examining the soil to nurture your way to success. Today, we'll look at another two more ways to reaching your success goal.

1) Check your seeds

Make sure you are planting the right seeds for the harvest you want. If you want oranges, you don't plant apple seeds. Make sure you have the right 'thought seeds'. For what you think about constantly, nurturing with your emotions daily will continue to grow.

What are you consistently thinking about? Whatever harvest you want to manifest, start with looking at what you're constantly focused on. Poverty thoughts will never bring you abundance harvest. Also, repetitive thoughts of sickness will not bring the harvest of health. Likewise, overweight and fat thoughts will not yield the fruit of being at your ideal weight. You've got to identify the harvest you want, sow the thought seeds of the results you desire in the soil of your subconscious by constant repetition.

Check your emotions. Your emotions energizes your thought seeds and they are your internal guidance system to let your know if you're on the right track in the creative process.

2) Regular watering

Everyday, water the garden of your relationship, your business, your health, your spiritual life with positive thoughts, emotions, words and deeds. Don't dig up your seeds because it seems like you're not making progress. This action will definitely ensure that you fail to create the success you desire.

Your emotions and inspired actions will provide the momentum necessary to encourage the growth process.

Watch out for Part 3 tomorrow for more Nurture your Way to Success tips.


  1. Thanks, Alicia, I appreciated today's post. I'm watching those "fat" thoughts today for SURE. Sincerely, Susan

  2. That's great Susan. Keep practicing.



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