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Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Up To Me

I get discouraged now and then
When there are clouds of gray,
Until I think about the things
That happened yesterday,
I do not mean the day before
Or those of months ago,
But all the yesterdays in which
I had the chance to grow.
I think of opportunities
That I allowed to die,
And those I took advantage of
Before they passed me by.
And I remember that the past
Presented quite a plight,
But somehow I endured it and
The future seemed all right.
And I remind myself that I
Am capable and free,
And my success and happiness
Are really up to me.

by James J. Metcalfe - excerpt taken from Bob Proctor's, You Were Born Rich - Chapter 3 - The Image Maker -

You can create your life in whatever way you choose. The question is, "What will you choose?" Here's another, "Did you know that you CAN choose?"

Determine now that you will take the time to design our life. You can you know.

1. See the image of your ideal life in your mind's eyes.
2. Once you become clear on your image begin to take steps toward living your image.
3. Keep pressing forward until you realize your dream regardless of what comes your way.
4. Believe that you can and you will.


  1. Hey Alicia this is awsome keep up the good work talk to you at facebook, like your site very much

  2. Very nice images of the power of visualization, Alicia. Thanks. Susan

  3. Thank you Hubert. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. You're welcome Susan and thank you.


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