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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day - Let's Honour Dads Today!

Dads are special. This article draws our attention to the Dads in our lives. I wrote this last Father's Day and feel that it's worth sharing again.

Dads should be given and shown more respect so they know they have a worthy place in the lives of their children. It's time we see the light in them that they too may begin to believe in their own light.

Click on the link to read the article. Happy Father's Day!


  1. That was a nice testimonial to fathers, Alicia. Hope your Dad is still with you. God bless each of you on this special day. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Hope you read the responses to Saturday's post. Take care, dear Alicia. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Yes, my dad is still alive. I spoke with him this morning and he's doing well. You're welcome. Will visit your blog. Have a blessed evening.


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