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Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - A Clean Diet for Permanent Weight Loss!

I found this really great resource by Kathryn Martyn that dives deeper into the do's and don'ts of a clean diet for permanent weight loss.

There's so much information on what to do to lose weight and many of it does not spell F-U-N. I think this is a very realistic natural way to live your life and still enjoy the benefits of a healthier body. I totally agree with taking it one step at a time and making the small adjustments to getting to your ideal weight. These small adjustments are essential to permanent weight loss and eliminate frustration in the process.

If it ain't fun, why bother? Here's the article and follow the link to read the rest of it. It's worth reading every word.

Getting Started on The Clean Diet

If you want to lose some weight then following a healthy eating plan is a good start, but allowing someone else to dictate exactly what, when and how much you can eat is crazy making. Guidance is good but ultimately you must learn to make better choices in your eating which leads to your gaining the ability to maintain your new shape after the weight has been lost. The Clean Diet is the answer.

What is the Clean Diet?

The Clean Diet means different things to different people. My version is less strict than some because frankly I'm not a competitive body builder and I don't have a modeling contract. Unless you must maintain a specific body weight (as actors sometimes do for instance), you probably are of the same mind as I; that being, I want to lead a basically normal life. Eating out sometimes, enjoying parties sometimes, and generally not feeling like I have to "watch what I eat" or suffer the consequences. The way I eat is sometimes called the non-dieting approach because I don't diet, but I do pay attention. That's what the Clean Diet means: paying attention to what you're eating.

What Can I Eat on The Clean Diet?

Vegetables: Enjoy unlimited raw, steam, baked. Go for it. I don't know anyone who got fat because they ate too many vegetables and that includes carrots, beans, corn and potatoes. Unless you are allergic, there is no reason to shun fresh vegetables. Yes they contain carbohydrates. Get over it. Wean yourself from sauces, and learn to like them without added butter or salt. Vegetables like carrots and beets for instance are very high in natural sugars (that's the point -- nature intended to give you sweet things whereby you'd WANT to eat them and would consequently get adequate Vitamin C among other things).

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  1. Hey Alici,
    Very good artical with good advice. I'm not a big vegie person but I'm going to try.
    Thanks Tracey

  2. Thanks Tracey. Small changes are good to start and then increase it from there.


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