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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Action Thursday - Master Key System Affirmation

Taken from The Master Key System

Affirmations – Read daily with emotions. Live the spirit of these things until they become your own.

I am tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to my ambitions and aspirations.

I know and understand the spiritual power of the cosmos and how to use it both constructively and creatively.

I follow the process and first create in thought the things and conditions I desire to become realities.

I have a greater, better personality, and I’m equipped with a new power to achieve any worthy personal purpose and a new ability to enjoy life’s beauty and wonder.

Possibilities are now unfolding in me and are being brought into powerful action to increase my effective capacity, bringing added energy, discernment, vigor and mental elasticity.

I now possess the ability to secure results hitherto undreamed of, and which has rewards hardly to be expressed in words.

I understand the correct use of both the receptive and active elements of the mental nature, and I now recognize opportunity as it comes to me.

My will and reasoning powers are now strengthened. I now understand how to cultivate and best use my imagination, desire, emotions and intuitional faculty.

I have initiative, tenacity of purpose, wisdom of choice, intelligent sympathy and a thorough enjoyment of life on its higher planes.

I now understand the use of true Mind Power.

My understanding is now cultivated and developed which will enable me to control my body and thereby my health. My memory is now improved and strengthened.

I have Insight, the kind of insight which is so rare. I have in me the kind of insight which is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful business man or woman, the kind which enables me to see the possibilities as well as the difficulties in every situation, the kind which enables me to discern opportunity close at hand.

I have Mental Power which means that others instinctively recognize that I am a person of force, of character – that they want to do what I want them to do; it means that I attract men, women and things to me; that I am what some people call “lucky”, that “things come my way” and that I have come into an understanding of the fundamental laws of Nature, and have put myself in harmony with them; that I am in tune with Infinite; that I understand the law of attraction, the Natural laws of growth, and the Psychological laws on which all advantages in the social and business world rest.

I have insight and sagacity, increased independence, the ability and disposition to be helpful. All distrust, depression, fear, melancholia, and every form of lack limitation and weakness, including pain and disease are released from me. Buried talents, initiative, force, energy and vitality are now awakened in me. Appreciation of the beautiful in Art, Literature and Science are now awakened in me.

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