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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Success: Nurture your Way to Success - Part 3

Two more tips to nurture your way to success

1) Weed your garden

Consciously remove all thoughts, emotions, words and actions that try to compete with your new garden. This may seem challenging at first because you're uprooting old stubborn habits. But persistence is the key to success in anything you do. Keep at it. Soon enough you'll begin to see growth which will encourage you to keep moving forward.

2) Protect your garden

Keep out garden invaders. Caterpillars, deer, rabbit, all kinds of bug try to invade the garden to feast on the healthy foliage. A prudent gardener does his/her best to keep them out and/or eliminate them.

You too much be vigilant in protecting the garden of your mind from outside invaders that will destroy your hopes and dreams for success. Gardeners often use the companion planting method to keep out unwanted pests. For example, the gardener may plant onions among broccoli plants to protect them from garden invaders chomping on their leaves.

You can also devise a protective mechanism for keeping out the negativity which discourages you from your goal. Hang out with people who will encourage you. Find books that will motivate you. Watch videos, listen to audios, encourage yourself, pull up on past successes in other areas of your life - do whatever you can to keep you on track as you nurture your way to success.

And when your harvest comes in, you'll be overjoyed that you stuck with it. The lessons learned along the way, the growth and progress you've made on the journey it would be worth it all.

What struggles are you having nurturing your way to success? What are your garden invaders?

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