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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Surviving Tough Times - 5 Keys to Surviving Tough Times

From time to time we come face to face with tough times that seem to challenge the very foundation of our faith.

Do you feel like you’re being tossed back and forth by strong wind of adversity and wonder if you’ll ever get out of this or if you’ll make it out in one piece?

Nature shows us that after every storm, rain, hurricane, hail or snow, the sun comes out again. For every storm you have faced, are going through, will go through, the sun will shine again. But sometimes it’s difficult to see that because we’re caught up in the moment of the ‘physical’ now and the fear of the captivating current circumstance.

When in a storm, it’s not business as usual, take evasive action. Change your style/method to allow creativity to flow, develop new ways of treading water and rise up above your situation.

Armed with the knowledge that ‘this too will pass’, what should you do to weather the storm and not be consumed by it, lose all hope and perish?

In order to survive the storm and avoid fatal damage, here are 5 keys you must follow:

1) Maintain your composure – Don’t panic!

Remain calm so you can think clearly. Panic will always remove you from a position of clear thinking and peace and cause you to act, speak rashly and hastily. Fear shuts the door to the free flow of creativity and inspiration. Take a deep breath, breathing in peace of mind and exhale, releasing all the tension.

2) Take your eyes off your problems

Regroup or refocus your attention from the storm. Whatever may be the problem, if you dwell on the negative of the situation, you only make the size of it seem larger than it really is. See your situation, but once you’ve noticed it, look beyond it in your mind’s eyes to the desired outcome.

Know that you will receive the answer – you’ll find the way out. Make this your repeated affirmation and expect it. The answer is already available regardless of what the situation may look like.

3) You’re not alone in the storm

Going through a tough time can sometimes be a lonely experience. Finding positive friends, positive reading material or recordings can be encouraging through this time, lift our spirits and energize us to keep moving forward when we’ve lost our momentum.

Matthew 14:24-33 shows that Jesus was right there with his disciples when they were in the storm. Prayer keeps our spirits connected with God and gives us hope for the future. It takes our focus off of our situation of hopelessness and aligns us with the positive energy of the flow of the Spirit.

4) Be open to wisdom

Wisdom sometimes comes in unlikely places, persons and avenues. Pay attention. If you are open to the message of inner wisdom, no matter how subtle, you will always receive the answer. The key is recognizing the answer when it comes. It may come in the form of a billboard sign, a message in a movie, a familiar song that suddenly comes to you or an inspired idea. Wisdom gives you direction to take the most productive and necessary steps at every stage of the storm. Ask for wisdom.

5) Remain focused

Focus on what you desire the outcome to be and not on what the storm is doing. When you focus on the storm, the storm seems to look bigger than it is. Staying focused on the outcome keeps you from becoming discouraged and keeps the door of doubt and disbelief closed. It also keeps your emotions in a place of joy.

As you engage your emotions in the feeling of your desired results, you are aligning yourself with the answer and saying, “Yes, God, I believe that you will come through for me and already have come through."

Know that every problem you ever faced or ever will face has an answer already provided. There is nothing in your life that is ever beyond the resolution of Divine Intelligence. You can and will come through as long as you continue to align your thoughts and emotions with positive energy of hope and expectation.

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  1. Very nice insight and suggestions, Alicia. I enjoyed your post. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Thanks Susan. Glad it inspired you.

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