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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Change your life - 5 steps to change your life!

Changing your life requires certain steps to bring about successful results. These 5 steps to change your life lays out a direction which you can follow.

1) Recognize your need

If you are to make any changes in your life, you must first recognize that you have a need for something. When you recognize dissatisfaction in your life, it’s time to make a change.

2) What is your desired outcome?

And you begin to address that situation by thinking about what it is you desire the outcome to be. For example out of your dissatisfaction with the quality of food at the grocery store or if you want to save money, you may decide to grow your own garden. That desire for the garden springs out of your emotional concern about your health which propels you to do something about your current situation.

3) Be specific – have a definite goal

When you make a decision to grow this garden then you decide what type of garden you want – vegetable, fruit or flower garden or a combination of all three. This is the step of having a definite goal. For you must determine what it is you desire to create in order for you to create it.

This lays the foundation then for a completely different mindset than the one you had before. The previous results you were getting came as a result of the mindset and conditioning during that period of your life. Therefore you acted in accordance with the way you were thinking.

So now it’s time to go through the transitory period to create the new mindset and habitual conditioning which may produce a period of discomfort as you go through the process. Remember, this is something new to the mind and body and at first it may be uncomfortable. But as long as you stay focused on your results and on the final goal, the new mindset habit will begin to set in which will produce different behaviour and positive results.

This is where you begin to make plans and find ways to effectively create this change.

4) Garden of your life

Your life is like a garden. You must nurture it. You must tend to your garden daily. I like the garden illustration because it gives a tangible guideline for determining what you desire and how to go about getting your desire, especially if your desire is one that is intangible, like spiritual growth and development.

As we learn these principles, it’s imperative to teach them to our children so they can have an early start in creating a great future for themselves and their children.

Education is more than rehearsing what’s been taught to us in text books. It is also about knowing how to use our mental faculties to create and shape our world. It is not being told what to think but how to think and use our thinking abilities to change our lives.

Our thoughts when fuelled with emotions become our reality. Therefore the garden thought must be nurtured and cared for on a regular basis, weeding and pruning all that is unwanted. It is a never ending process to living.

5) Persistence and determination

Persistence and determination is the driving force to achieving any goal. These take you through the tough times when you feel like giving in. A woman in labour knows that when the pain is at its highest intensity that’s when she’s about to give birth – that’s our breaking through point.

Determination is the mindset that says that regardless of the external conditions I will have what I desire. It will come to me no matter what, and you wait, if you have to, for it to unfold.

Persistence is birth out of a determined mindset. It is the consistent continuous action whether physically or mentally towards achieving your goal.

Anything is possible when you have the mindset that it doesn’t matter what it is, you can and will have what you desire.

Changing your perception of things causes you to see opportunities where others only see adversity.


  1. Our mindset determines our potential - not our beauty, talents or intelligence. Your mindset determines your self worth and your networth.

  2. Very well put Adalia. Thanks. Your mindset determines how you see your self worth and networth. Nice!


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