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Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting my body back Friday

If you've been following along in the spring and summer months, you'd remember that after having my 7th baby I was working on getting my body back. I haven't done any updates on that for a while, so I've decided to give some update on my progress.

Also, I've decided to dedicate Fridays as Getting My Body Back Friday for anybody's who working on getting into shape as well. I'll be sharing some inspiration on the topic, in addition to videos and articles on nutrition and exercise or anything else I come up with to help us keep on our journey.

Feel free to post any suggestions or links of interest you have.

So, today I'm unveiling my progress starting from April 2009. This is a few weeks after I started my journey.

This is when I began gardening and incorporated this activity into my workout routine.

Drum roll please!!! This is me 8 months later in the same pants. I'm about to head outside for my walk and jogging. I still have some work to do - working on the abs, but I'm so happy and appreciative for the progress I've made so far. I feel great and energized and still open to learning and improving.

This was taken today. I just finished my walking and jogging. Yep, that's snow in the background. I've made a walking/jogging path. I've committed to change from hibernating in the winter to staying active and participating in winter fun as well.

I look forward to snow days now because I go out to shovel and get a good workout - adding some variety to my routine.

I've made some radical changes in my life and I'm loving it. I hope my progress has inspired you to join in the Getting My Body Back Friday and let's support each other. Or at least I've inspired you to continue working on getting into shape until you reach your goal.

And here is the baby princess, Roxella. She's almost 1 year old. This was her 1st Christmas.

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