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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Manifest your desire - 4 steps to manifest your desire

Whatever you desire to manifest in your life, you can as long as you know the steps to do so. These four steps will take you through the process of manifestation.

1) Thought

In order to manifest your desire, you must first know and have a clear idea of what it is you desire to have. Once you are clear, make a conscious decision that you shall have your desire.

2) Emotionalized (given feelings)

Take your desire from your head. Visualize it moving from your head to your feeling place, your emotions. Connect with your desire emotionally by feeling the feelings of how you would feel once you experienced your desire. This gives life and energy to your desire.

3) Mix with faith

Add faith to your desire. Faith is believing that you will receive what you desire to have. It is the inner knowing that you will have it, the acceptance of that belief that you will have your desire. E.g. I accept that I will have a new vehicle. I accept that I will reach my ideal weight goal. When you do this, you would have created the spiritual equivalent/form of your desire.

You can now actually see in your imagination the new vehicle and you driving it - that is the spiritual equivalent. Or said another way, it is the imaginary equivalent of your desire.

Act on your inspired ideas, continuously.

4) Physical equivalent/counterpart

As you combine your thought/your desire, coupled with your strong emotional connection and belief (faith, acceptance), this spiritual equivalent communicates to Divine Intelligence sending energy waves into the ether, into the universe. The universe brings back a mirrored image of the spiritual desire, which you hold within your feeling place, into the physical equivalent.

All the help you need, all the ideas you need to manifest your desire will come to your aid.

When you follow these steps with determination and persistence (determination in your belief that you will have your desire and persistence in taking inspired action) you will manifest your desire as long as you hold fast.

What steps do you follow to manifest your desires?


  1. Great post, Alicia. Lots to think about and put into practice. Thanks. Sincerely, Susan from


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