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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - The Hero Within

So, you feeling kinda empty? Did you know that you have a hero within you? Stop looking outside yourself to satisfy the loneliness inside. These are only temporary fixes for what you truly need - to heal, to be satisfied, to feel love, joy and peace.

Why not look inward to the hero within and connect with the feeling of love, the feeling of joy, the feeling of satisfaction, contentment and peace? And when you search, the hero within will lift you up from a place of despair and all the emptiness you're feeling with drop off.

No matter what you're facing, there's an answer. Look for it within.

Today's tunespiration? Mariah Carey's Hero.

When you're done come on back. How do you connect with the hero within?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi Alicia...Sometimes I forget all about the hero within. The best way to connect, I would think, would be to relax, be gentle with myself, and maybe list all my good points. Sometimes we can be very negative toward ourselves, I think. So good to be reminded that the hero lives within us! Thanks! Hope you had a great day! Sincerely, Susan at

  2. Hey Susan,

    That is right. We sometimes play the role of the villain with ourselves. But when we decide to look for the good, we realize how much beauty there is in us.

    Thanks. Yes I had a great day. My baby Roxella turned 1 yr today.

    Have a great weekend.


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