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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - How did Larry Platt, Pants on the Ground inspire you?

I'm sure you've probably heard the American Idol's audition performance of 62 year old Larry Platt, Pants on the Ground. Even though Larry most likely knew he was not eligible to enter the competition, he still took the risk to do his performance, Pants on the Ground. Larry had a plan and carried it out.

What could you learn from Larry?

1) He took a risk

Larry took a risk and auditioned which was the first step and gave us, Pants on the Ground. Even though others may have discouraged him, he was pumped and ready to go.

What is your dream? Are you willing to take the risk despite the odds to live your dream?

2) He started his own trend and perhaps his own movement

The song, Pants on the Ground, obviously came out of Larry's observation of the fashion statements out on the street. The song is quite catchy and perhaps voices the opinions of many others who may not publicly choose to make such a bold statement regarding the way in which pants are being worn in our modern time period.

What trend could you start that may or may not create a movement but will make you stand out from the crowd as having a message with a purpose?

3) He believed in himself

Confidence is not a lacking characteristic for Larry. He believed in himself and his mission and carried it out with passion and confidence. Even though Simon Cowell tried to stop him, he kept doing this thing.

Do you believe in what you're doing, in what you're about? Your strong belief in your mission on planet earth will take you to places you never thought possible at the moment.

4) He ignored what others might think of him

Larry could have looked at his age and convinced himself that he was too old. But as we could see, he was doing splits, something I think I'd wait until I'm a lot more flexible to try. It didn't matter what others thought him. It only mattered what he thought of himself, and then others came along and agreed with him.

Sometimes we become so wrapped up with what others may say or think of us that we become immobilized from acting on our passion. Take lessons from Larry and go for it.

5) He made a name for himself by being himself

Larry wasn't trying to be anybody else but who he is. We could all see that in his performance. And because of this, he's made a name for himself. He didn't need to be a contestant on American Idol to get publicity. Just his showing up and being himself was enough to get him media attention.

Here's the Youtube link to check out Larry's Pants on the Ground performance.

Give your feedback. What do you think? How does Larry inspire you?

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