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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Release Your Inhibitions! Saturday Tunespiration

It's Saturday, why not turn on the tunes and have a Tunespiration of a day!

Ever made a decision to achieve a goal only to find yourself being overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacies and self-doubt? It's time to release your inhibitions and keep on keepin' on despite your fears. You can do it! Just keep moving forward.

When I was writing my ebook Changing Inside Out Now! Creating Unconditional Miracles, I found myself becoming a bit overwhelmed with these emotions. I began thinking about all the great writers out there who have written such excellent pieces of work. Then, the thought came to me, "Stop comparing yourself to others and do the best you can." The moment I heard that I began to shift my thinking.

Then, something really interesting happened; my 7 years old daughter began to sing this song by Natasha Bedinfield - Unwritten. The words were so profound, given the fact that I was writing a book at that moment. My daughter had no idea what was happening to me when she began to sing. I looked over at her amazed at her timing. I decided to stop what I was doing and searched for the song on YouTube. Here is the link to this song that inspired me so much during the writing of my book.

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