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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 Steps to Turn your Adversity into Positivity

From time to time, we all face some kind of a challenge which may make us wonder if we'll ever come through it.

You can turn your adversity into positivity if you choose to look at your situation from a positive angle.

1) Decide and choose your desired outcome

What is it you'd like you situation to be? Stop and allow your mind to be free of worry and choose your desired results.

2) Fix your mind on your desired outcome

Take the limitation off your mind. Don't allow despair and depression to set in. This builds hope and puts you in positive emotional vibration to receive your desire.

3) Daily fuel that desire with your emotions

As you turn your thoughts around in your mind, "What could I do about my situation?" inspired ideas begin to come to you.

4) Take inspired action

Once you receive the inspired idea, act on it. Don't delay. Just act on it.

Quote from Napoleon Hill - "There's guidance for each of us and by lowly listening, we shall hear the right word."

Allow your mind to become quiet and listen for the inspired idea and act on it.

5) Be determined and persistent

When it seems like your desire is taking a long time to manifest, become determined in your mind and persistent in your inspired action until you see the results. A gardener continues to tend the garden day in and day out even though he may not yet see the harvest. He does what is required of him and at the right time the harvest comes.

What adverse situation do you face or have your faced in the past? How did you or how could you turn it into a positive outcome?


  1. Thanks for today's post, Alicia. I think taking action is VERY important. The greatest unmet goal of my life is to get down to a normal weight. The best way to turn that into a positive outcome is to KEEP PERSEVERING, which I do, I do, I DO. I will NEVER give up! So thanks for the reminders! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. You're welcome, Susan. That's it. And you have company. That's one of my goals I'm working on. Fridays are my "Getting my body back" days. So look out for Friday's post. I'll talk about interval training.

    Keep on keepin' on Susan.



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