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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spiritual Mastery - Silence - the Tool to Spiritual Mastery

To reach a higher level of spiritual mastery requires discipline in order to accomplish the state of being. It is the decision to disengage from all that inhibits a person from achieving and deepening one’s spiritual connection. Getting away from the crowd for the sole purpose of connecting and reconnecting with our Source is a necessary step in spiritual growth.

Jesus habitually spent time alone in prayer away from his disciples to connect to his Source - to be energized, in filled, inspired, rejuvenated, refreshed, and revived. He encouraged his disciples to do the same.

In these quiet hours with the Spirit, the art of listening deeply to the inner spirit is developed. One begins to listen closely to nature; the trees, the flowers, the insects, the animals, and even the wind and rain, which, at times, carry their own subtle messages. Be open and listen closely and deeply, paying attention to the Spirit’s signs. As we are more aware in the stillness and receive wisdom in the silence, we are imprinted by the Spirit’s character which daily transform and renew our minds. We develop faith and confidence by constant association with the Spirit.

Being in the silence brings us closer and closer to complete harmony with the Spirit. We begin to see through the eyes of the Spirit and our thoughts become more in aligned with the thoughts of the Spirit. Walking in the Spirit becomes a way of life and the more we live in harmony with the Spirit we come to the place where we are completely immersed in the Spirit. There’s no visible difference between the Spirit and us. Jesus said, “You see me, you see the Father because the Father and I are one.”

What do you do to reach a higher level of spiritual mastery?


  1. Thanks for your post, Alicia. It was definitely a good reminder to spend more alone time with the Lord. What I do now to reach a higher level of spiritual mastery is commit my day and all my problems to Him. Like this morning, two problems loomed heavily. I turned them both over. One has already been resolved! The other is still a dark cloud in my life but I know the Lord will take care of it. But I do need more "alone" time with Him. Thanks. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Thanks for posting Susan and you're welcome. Glad to hear that one of your issues has been resolved. Continue to know that you will have the answer and just as the clouds pass on a cloudy/stormy day, the cloud of this situation will pass too. The sun will shine again.



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