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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Decide what you want

Have you ever heard a song that you fell in love with the moment you heard it but never got the name of the artist that sang it? Maybe your ears were all perked ready to write down the name of the singer so you could get their music only to find that the radio station you were listening to never mentioned their name.

A couple years ago we heard a really cool song on the radio. We really liked the song but the name of the singer was never announced. We didn't even get the name of the song. Every time the song came on the radio we'd get so excited and we'd sing along with the children.

We tried several times to find the song online and on Youtube but to no avail. Last Saturday, which was Roxella's birthday, my husband and I stood in kitchen talking about the song and wishing we could find it. We made a firm decision right there and then that we'd find the song.

I began to do my visualization process.

1) Taking the thought from my head - the desire to find the song.

2) Connecting it with my emotions - feeling the feelings of having my desire. So I visualized the thought going from my head to my feeling place (my inner being, my emotions).

3) I believed and accepted that we would find the song.

4) I visualized the energy of my desire going out into the ether and connecting with the song and returning to me in manifested form.

5) I acted on that belief and off I went to try my search again. I decided to try Youtube but came up with nothing. Then I tried a search in the search engine typing in the radio station and some of the words of the song. Lo and behold, what did I find? You got it - our song.

I clicked into the link which led back to YouTube and I invite you to join in our excitement to listen to our song by Etana - Blessings -

We played that song over and over and over and, yes, over. This was Roxella's birthday party song. And did I mention we played it over and over again?

When we make a definite determined focused decision about what we want and then take inspired action, the universe will come in agreement with us and bring us back that clear decision of what we want. Decide what you want!

Go and enjoy the song and when you're done come on back and tell me what you want and I'll share with you the mindset you need to get it.

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