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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Determination - 5 steps to developing a determined mindset so you can achieve your goals

You may have already heard that you must become determined to achieve your goals. But exactly how do you become determined? How do you develop a determined mindset to become successful in any area of your life?

The next 5 simple steps will show you how.

1) Know what you want

Knowing your innermost desire sets the pace for the fulfillment of that desire. Visualizing that desire in full imagery sets your sights on the final outcome. When you are consciously aware of what you truly desire and can vividly see it then you begin to emit the energy frequency into the ether to attract back to you the desired outcome.

2) Make a decision to manifest your desire

Once you've seen your desire, make a decision to have it. Decide there and then that you will have your desired outcome. It doesn't matter if at that moment you don't know how to achieve it. You may not be consciously aware that there is a way to get your desire. Just be confident in your mind that the way will come to you and it will.

3) Connect with your emotional feelings

Your emotions fuel your desire. And as you feel the feelings of what it would be like to be living in your desire, the energy wave goes out into the universe connecting with Divine Intelligence. Divine Intelligence organizes and brings back to you the desired outcome. That's the reason why clarity of your desire is so important. The clearer you are on your desire, the less static on your energy field as it goes out from your emotions. A distorted emotional energy wave will bring back distorted results.

4) Rehearse your desire

Daily rehearse your desire fuelling it with feelings. The making of a snowball starts with one snowflake. The more snow you add to the ball the bigger the ball gets until finally it's big enough to begin to make a snowman. The more emotions you fuel your desire the bigger and stronger the energy wave and the faster your desire comes to you. Daily rehearsal of your desire keeps adding strength to it.

5) Stay focused on your goal

When you are focused on your desire and are not constantly changing your mind, you'll continue to draw to you everything you need to manifest that desire. Setting aside time everyday to connect with your emotions and the feelings of having your desire and visualizing your desire will keep you focused until it becomes your outer reality.

These 5 foundational steps give you the internal view to developing the determined mindset to attract all you need to bring into your life your manifested desire.

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