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Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Interval Training

If you're working on getting to your ideal weight and nothing seems to be working, perhaps you should consider doing some interval training.

I've found since I started doing interval training that I found my weight loss results increasing.

So what is interval training?

When you alternate between low intensity training and high intensity training, that's interval training. It takes your fat burning to a higher level and accelerates your results.

A high intensity training would be like jogging, skipping ropes or high intensity aerobics etc. Low intensity would be slower pace walking or low intensity aerobics etc. Now when you do 30 secs of high intensity followed by 10 seconds of low intensity training you're giving that extra punch to your workout routine which results in more fat burning. And that's what you want.

So I sometimes do 1 round of jogging which is about 60 seconds or so and then one round of fasting walking. This week I added sprinting to get to a higher level of intensity. Next week I'll alternate between sprinting then walking one day, then jogging then walking the next day and see how that goes for me.

The key is to be willing to give it a go and always aim higher and go just that little beyond your comfort zone each time. This not only affects us physically, but also mentally as well. We develop the willingness to try something new and stretch to reach our highest potential.

Oh by the way, speaking of comfort zones, if you've been following earlier in the Spring I talked about attempting to do the bridge. Yesterday I actually pushed myself about 2 - 3 inches off the ground. Tough, but quite an accomplishment given the fact that I wasn't able to push myself up at all. So, I'll keep trying and strengthening my hands and keep you posted on my progress.

What about you? Are you doing any interval training? What's your routine and how's that working for you?


  1. Hi Alicia! Right now, I've been swimming three to four times a week. Between 45 minutes to an hour of laps.Some days I add a one hour aqua aerobics class. There is no "sweating" of course,because I'm in the water. I have a nice treatmill but it's been gathering dust. Now I COULD do some interval training on that. Thanks for the post! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. There you go Susan. Your body may have adjusted to the regular routine of swimming. So adding the treadmill in there should shake things up a bit and get some extra fat burning happening.

    Thanks for sharing.



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