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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Quote of the Day - Hold on to make you succeed!

To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you - Tony Dorsett

In achieving any goal, you must have something that keeps you moving forward, something that keeps you pressing through in spite of setbacks and discouragements.

What do you hold on to?

When it seems like your desire is not yet coming into manifestation, what do you hold on to? Sometimes having a song that has special meaning to you may be the answer. Or maybe a scripture or a quote may give you the renew strength you need for push passed discouragement.

What motivates you?

In every generation of people there has always been someone who motivates others into greatness. Whether it's your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, speaker or public figure, someone is always placed in your life to motivate you to your greatness. The great singers, athletes, movie stars and political figures alike have all played a part in one way or another to motivate others to reach for the stars.

What inspires you?

Is it a baby learning to walk, the opening of a flower, the beauty of nature or the little everyday miracles of life? What inspires you to keep trying, keep holding on and keep living? Whatever or where ever you draw your inspiration from, continue to allow it to inspire and energize you to reach your goal.

So what do you hold on to? What motivates you? What inspires you? What gives you that extra pep in your step?


  1. Well, Alicia, to answer your questions, there are a couple of things. In all situations, I hold on to God. He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Helping my family and others motivates me as well as having dreams, goals, and things I'd like to attain. My writing blog definitely inspires me and brings me great joy on a daily basis. And doing swimming four days a week, to help me lose weight, helps give me extra pep. Right now, I'd also like a new flat screen tv and a laptop computer that is up-to-date, as well as to complete my goal of a 100 pound weight loss. So, thanks for the post! Have a great day. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Thanks for sharing Susan. Yes, I agree. We gain strength when we hold on to the Source of our power.

    Our families and dreams inspire us to succeed. And yes, I agree, writing on the blog causes us to look deeper within to pull up the treasures within.

    Keep focused on your desire to have your flat screen tv, laptop computer and weight goal. When you are clear and focused and take inspired action, you will achieve your goals.



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