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Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Release your fears to lose body fat

Today, I was planning on discussing interval training, but I felt that there's a deeper issue here that should be addressed in order to achieve the weight loss we desire.

I recall listening to a video a few months ago by Louise Hay. She talked about if a person is struggling with being overweight there's a direct relation between a person being overweight and fear.

Fat in our physical bodies serves as protection for the body. But excess fat is a symptom of something deeper happening. It's the symptom of emotional disturbances within us - troubled about the past or some current situation or fear of the future. So if you're trying to lose the weight and find that it's not coming off, you may need to check to see what's the underlying anxiety is, expressing protection in the form of excess fat.

I wasn't consciously aware that I felt fear or anxiety. But when I sat down began to examine my inner emotions, I realized that a family situation had me feeling some anxiety. So I decided to address this issue. I began to speak to the fat on my body, "Thank you for your protection. But I release you now and I release my fear and all anxiety about my situation knowing that all is well and I am protected by love. So you are free to leave now."

I began to visualize the fat melting off of me. That's when I started to see more results in my weight loss. And now I've added the interval training which took me up to the next level. We'll discuss interval training next Friday.

If you're doing all that you can do to lose the weight and it's still not coming off, you may want to consider examining your emotional well-being to see what may be causing any anxiety in your life.

I've found a really cool article which goes into some more detail about this. Follow the link.
How to Lose Body Fat with Ease.

Then come back here and let me know what you think. What anxieties are you facing? Do you know how to get to the root of the issue?


  1. Oh wow. That makes total sense! Another reason why I'm losing weight. God set me free!

  2. Way to go Beth! Thanks for posting. How have you been?


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