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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspired action: What's the difference between action and inspired action?

You've been hearing over and over that you should take inspired action, not just any action, but inspired action. So, what does it mean by inspired action anyway and what's the difference between inspired action and regular action? And how do you know when you've got an inspired action to follow?

We'll delve into these questions and find the answer.

Regular action

Everyday you're taking action. You may be engaged in some sort of activity but the activity still does not bring you closer to your goal. You find yourself doing everything else and being stressed but still accomplish nothing.

Difference between inspired action and regular action

So inspired action will be those activities that you take which brings you closer to your goal. These are specific action steps that lead you in a particular direction and that direction is toward your goal.

Know when you have an inspired action to follow

Inspired action brings with it quick results easily and effortlessly. They're ideas that come to you in a way that you may not have thought of before. It may be an 'ah ha' moment, or an "I've never thought about that before." It may be one where you say, "Oh my gosh, there's the answer I've been waiting for." It may come out of nowhere, like someone turns on a light bulb in your head - a bright idea.

When you are engaged in this type of activity - inspired action - you feel joy and not frazzled. You feel one with it and not like you're all over the place trying to fit the pieces together. As a matter of fact, inspired action and ideas come as if to put the next piece of the puzzle you need to move to the next level or to the finish line.

Whenever you're feeling frazzled, stop, relax and ask, "What should I being doing right now? What activity should I be engaged in?" Then wait for the inspired direction for the action you should take next.

Keep in mind that inspired action sometimes may not always make sense to your natural mind. Be willing to flow with it. E.g. Sometimes I decide to write an article and find myself feeling stuck. I stop and ask within for help. At times, the response may not be what I was looking. "Get up and go to the kitchen, or go for a walk outside." I'm in the middle of writing an article here. I need inspiration not 'walkspiration'. But in my walk, as I move from my desk, I find that I become inspired and with that inspiration I'm able to write easily and effortlessly.

So there you have it, the difference between inspired action and action. Decide today to take inspired action in everything you do. You'll feel energized and accomplish a whole lot more.

How do you know when your actions are inspired or not?


  1. Think you said it in a nutshell, Alicia. Inspired action brings one closer to the final goal. Like swimming is action toward losing weight but not as effective as treadmill walking which I would consider Inspired Action. I mean, some action is better than nothing, but Inspired Action gets better reults. Thanks for the post! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. You're welcome. Thanks for your comment Susan.


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