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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Tunespiration - When You Cry

No matter how down you may feel right now, you are not alone. The Spirit is with you always. Just remember that this too will pass. Here's a powerful quote from Laura Lester Fournier -

Impermanence is THE constant reality. Nothing lasts forever - no emotion, no thought, no material manifestation, no physical body.....nothing. Nothing that is, except for your Eternal Life. This is the great dichotomy! Dwell on that which is positive today. Be present in this moment, it is a gift, and you are alive. 

Today's tunespiration comes from The Winans - When You Cry.



  1. Thanks Alicia, That was heartfelt you know it made me cry. lol lol a happy cry! hugs and kisses to the new little one.

  2. Hi Alicia...I love knowing the Spirit is always with us and "This, too, shall pass" is my daily mantra.

    Tell me how you are. Did you have a baby boy or girl? I've been thinking of you and wondering how everything is going. Susan :)

  3. You're welcome Tracey. Yes, will give her lots of kisses on her adorable cheeks.

  4. I'm doing great. Getting stronger again each day. We had another beautiful girl. She's 7lbs 6oz and a whole bundle of joy.

    Thanks Susan. Will have some pics uploaded next week.

    Enjoy your Saturday.


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