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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Special - Laying Aside All That No Longer Serve You

We recognize Good Friday as the remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ. And in honour of his sacrifice, we know that we can follow in his footsteps to a better life. But in order to enjoy the benefits of a new life, we are called to lay aside the things that no longer serve us, that no longer cause us to grow and move us forward into an enlightened life. 

A prudent gardener removes the dead leaves and branches from his trees so they can flourish abundantly and bear more fruit. So too, we must remove the 'dead leaves and branches' in our lives that take up room, weigh us down and hinder us from experiencing an enriching abundant life.

Take a look at your own life right now. What's hindering you from living a flourishing life? What things, people, places do you need to lay aside, let go of so you can break free in your life? Ask the Spirit to show you. What thoughts do you need to get rid of that's sabotaging your progress? What habits do you need to give up so you can move to the next level?

Think of these questions. And as you go through this Good Friday, mark this day as the day you lay aside all these things to embrace a higher life. Let this experience be real for you as it was for Jesus Christ and your sacrifice will not only save you but save the life of others you come in contact with and light their path. 


  1. Thanks, Alicia, and a most Blessed Easter to you and all your sweet family. usan

  2. You're welcome Susan. Same to you too.


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