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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Action Thursday - 5 Action Steps to Go Against the Status Quo to Manifest Your Desires

If you're constantly following the status quo, doing what everybody's doing, then you'll also be getting the same results as everyone else, and not getting what you truly desire. If you want something different from the crowd, you'll have to do things differently.

So how exactly do you go against the status quo to get what you want?

Action Step #1 - What are you struggling with?

Identify the area you're struggling with. What area of your life do you want to experience change but everyone around you is saying that's the way it is - they've come to accept this struggle as being normal.

For most of my life I've heard that childbirth is painful. The scenes on movies depict a painful but rewarding experience. Even with my other pregnancies, I've gone through accepting that pain is a normal part of the birthing process. 

Action Step #2 - What would you like to experience differently?

Examine your lifestyle pattern in this area. How could things be different for you in spite of the 'norm'? Do you believe that there's another way to experience life other than what you're experiencing?

I discovered later on, after my 7th child, that I can have a painless natural childbirth and not with the use of drugs to numb my body either. I wanted this experience and I believed that it was possible for me. Your belief in a thing makes it possible for you even if you are not consciously aware of how to get it done at the moment.

Action Step #3 - What's the results you want?

What would your new experience be like? Use your imagination to create the new experience. What would it feel like? How are you thinking differently? What are your actions steps?

When you decide to move away from what is called the norm, even though you find yourself struggling with it, you'll find that you can discover an easier, more painless way of doing things and experiencing life. What you once thought as being normal may not necessarily be normal at all. 

Action Step #4 - What material can you get on the subject?

Has anyone ever experienced what you'd like to experience? What methods did they use? How can you use this information for your benefit?

I used the material I got from my midwife to become more knowledgeable on the subject of a painless childbirth. This information gave me a good foundation to work with and build on to manifest the desire I had. I had the tools necessary and so I was ready. 

Action Step #5 - What does your inner guidance say to you?

Even though you read other people's experiences, which is great, inspirational and motivational, remember that you are unique and your situation is unique to your personality. Follow the inner promptings and wisdom of the Spirit to direct you in the application of the information and also give you new insight when needed. 

As I followed the guidance of the Spirit I was able to effectively apply the information and gain some new insight and techniques to help me.

Once you decide that you're going to have what you want and that you're not going to just go with what's the norm, the path you need to take will be shown to you and the help you need, will be available to you. 

Just remember, not everyone's going to agree with you and that's okay because it's not their dream. But you can be an inspiration and light to those whose desires are the same as yours.


  1. "Your belief in a thing makes it possible for you even if you are not consciously aware of how to get it done at the moment."

    Alicia, this is so true! It doesn't matter who else believes in it. What matters is what I believe!

  2. So true. Because it is your dream. It is your life and you have to live it so it might as well be lived in joy. As long as our dream comes from a place of love, it's alright. Love always means the best for us and others.



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