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Monday, April 11, 2011

Empowered from Within - You already have what you need inside of you

All we need for our journey here on earth has already been provided. Our faith in that provision unlocks the door for its release. Our supply continues to flow in accordance to our usage and our belief that what we need will manifest itself at the right time.

Little usage produces small flow and just enough. Large usage produces large flow and more than enough. Let’s use a practical example. A baby comes to earth with all the provision needed. If baby decides not to drink the mother’s milk that does not immediately stop the supply. However the flow reduces and finally ceases as the need diminishes. If used, the flow continues to increase to supply the demand.

When you only use a little from the eternal supply you get only what you choose to receive. If you decide to think small, dream small, you get what you ask for. If you decide to dream big, then you’re opening the door for greater things to enter your life.

Focus your attention on what is needed. Ask for your eyes to be opened to see your supply. Just as babies have clues to recognize the milk supply, we also have clues left for us to recognize the location of our supply as well.

What if you get lost along the way or lose your sense of ‘smell’ to know which way to go?

There’s always help when we call and ask the Spirit. As the mother guides the baby to the nipple to suckle, so too the Spirit guides us to ‘suckle’ in order to satisfy our desire and meet every need. Relax and trust the Spirit to guide you.

The Holy Spirit is our Mother, cares for us and ensures that we receive all the nourishment we need for our sustenance, enjoyment and fulfillment of our purpose here on earth. Mother Spirit will guide us as we ask. We will be shown the way we should go and the actions we should take in order for us to realize our dreams.

Are you drinking from the unlimited supply?

It is not a normal procedure for a child to drink only a little milk and remain hungry when the supply is unlimited. A parent becomes very concerned if the child is not drinking enough to satisfaction and looks for ways to encourage the child to eat more.

Our Mother Creator encourages us to keep drinking from the eternal supply and not leave ourselves dissatisfied and hungry when the supply is unlimited.

We limit ourselves in our thinking by asking too small or taking and accepting only a little. If a child is not satisfied with the amount of milk he/she has received, she searches for more and cries out to indicate that she’s not had enough. He does not say, “Oh well, I’ll save some for next time. He drinks to his little heart and stomach’s content.

Often times we accept a false sense of satisfaction where we only get little without demanding of life what we truly desire to have.

When we continue to spend time in silent communication with the Spirit, our faith and confidence in Spirit guidance will continue to grow, just as a mother and child bond grows as they spend time with each other. The child is assured of her mother’s love and provision for her and trusts her mother’s nurturing care.

Trust the Spirit to supply what you need at every step of your journey. Release all debris of fear, worry and doubt. Ask for what you need, expect the manifestation of the supply and rest assured that all is well.


  1. Thanks, Alicia. I always love the analogies you use. Today's, with the milk is a case in point. Really great. Hope your day is going well. Susan

  2. Hey Alicia, I agreewith Susan great Analogie.Although Idid not brest feed I can relate.Thanks and be Blessed.

  3. Thanks Tracey. You're welcome. Glad that you can relate to this.


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