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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Action Steps to Take Empowered Actions

When you listen to the Spirit and follow Spirit guidance, empowered actions follow because you take strategic and exact steps leading you on the right path for you. Up until now you may have been taking action but still you find yourself confused and lost. It's time to use your time and energy wisely and effectively by taking empowered action steps from the Spirit.

Here are 3 action steps you can use right now.

Action Step #1 - Ask the Spirit for wisdom

When you ask for wisdom you are opening yourself for Spirit guidance. What you're actually saying is that you are not relying on your limitations or limited knowledge to resolve your situation. You are connected to the universal pool of knowledge to empower you from within.

Action Step #2 - Allow yourself to be directed by the Spirit

The Spirit is always ready and willing to help us, and in order to do so we must be willing to be directed. Listen for the next step you need to take, it will be shown to you. Keep your eyes and ears open for what comes next. 

Action Step #3 - Put aside confusion

If you're feeling confused or overwhelmed and you're not sure which way to go, stop, release the confusion, center your mind on the peace within, relax and listen to your inner feelings and follow the inner guidance closely. 

As you use these action steps, you'll find that life becomes easier and therefore less stressful as you cease to figure things out all on your own. It will save you a lot of wasted mental and physical energy which drains your life energy. You'll find that what you're looking for comes to you or unfolds effortlessly. 

Where you find that you may have been trying to pull and tug on the doors of your answers to open, you'll find that they open with ease or you'll simply look and see the answer that's been hidden in plain sight all along. If you find that you've been taking action and you're getting nowhere, try these action steps to help you out of your personal maze. 


  1. Thanks for the post, Alicia. Enlightening and encouraging, as always. Susna

  2. Thanks Alicia, Funny when we are trying to push and pull doors open and make things happen, the last thing we think of is

  3. So true Tracey. But relaxing is the way to get the answers.


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