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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Empowered from Within - 5 Keys to Get Back on Track When You Lose Your Way

Are you feeling like you've lost your way, that you need to get back on track but you don't know which way to go? The path you need to take is always there but often times we don't see it because our eyes are covered over with limitations, disbelief and any kind of negativity. 

Life with the Spirit is not complicated at all. We usually make things more difficult than it needs to be. So here are 5 simple steps to use to help you get back on track.

Key #1 - Ask the Spirit for help

Though simple, this step is many times forgotten. We go off trying to do things on our own and until we reach a roadblock and face tremendous frustration that's when we remember to ask the Spirit for help, if we ever ask at all. If you ask, you will receive. It is when we neglect this step that we continue to lose our way and get deeper into confusion.

Key #2 - Follow the Spirit guidance

You may not get the entire solution to your problem right away but what you do get is enough to put you in the right direction. Begin with the first step and you'll see your way to take the second, then the third and so on. Follow the Spirit guidance each step of the way until you find your way on the right track.

Key #3 - Relax

In order to hear clearly what the Spirit has to say to you, you need to relax, let go and allow the inspiration to come or unfold naturally and effortlessly. When you find yourself feeling so frustrated and angry about your situation, release this negative energy which blocks out the voice of the Spirit.

Key #4 - Trust the Spirit to guide you

Ask yourself the questions, "Do you trust the Spirit to guide you? Do you really believe that the Spirit has the right answer for you?" Even more so, "Do you believe that you can hear from the Spirit and get the wisdom you need to resolve your situation?" Only you can answer the trust question. 

Key #5 - Take empowered actions

When you listen to the Spirit and follow Spirit guidance empowered actions follow because you take strategic and exact steps leading you on the right path for you. Up until now you may have been taking action but still you find yourself confused and lost. It's time to use your time and energy wisely and effectively by taking empowered action steps from the Spirit.


  1. Thanks, ALicia. That was good. Hope your day was good, too. Hope the little one is doing great. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. I had a restful day as baby rested as well. She's doing really good, gaining more weight - she's now over her birth weight.


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