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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Overcome Fear - 5 Mindsets I Used to Overcome Fear of Labor Contractions

Have you allowed your fear to grip you to the point of making a situation worse than it really is? Fear has a way of creating more monsters in the closet than what's truly there.

As I came closer to my due date for having my baby and realized that any day now I'd be in labor, I felt my fear of the intense labor contractions becoming more overwhelming. I could literally feel the fear in my skin, all over me. The time had come to face my fear, to look it straight in the eye and deal with it. 

Here are 5 mindsets I used to overcome my fear of labor contractions and which you can use to overcome any fear you face. 

Mindset #1 - Face the fear

I needed to face my fear and acknowledge what I was feeling. When you try to ignore what's going on, it's like sweeping the dust beneath the rug. You're not dealing with it and as a result it continues to influence your life. Uncovering a fear sheds light on it and brings it out into the open. 

Mindset #2 - Acknowledge and release the fear

Acknowledging the existence of what is - that you're afraid - you're positioning yourself for the next step, which is to release the fear. You cannot release something that you have not recognized or are willing to admit exists. Visualize the fear leaving your body as you let it go out of your life.

Mindset #3 - Ask the Spirit for help

When I realized that I was being overcome by my own fears, that I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to handle the intense contraction waves without feeling like I was losing it, I asked the Spirit for help to lift me up over my fear. 

The act of asking the Spirit for help opens the door for Divine power to empower you from within and uncovers your inner strength that was initially buried beneath the fear. 

Mindset #4 - Replace fear with courage

Once I had released my fear, I knew I needed to sow a new thought seed in its place. I invited courage and strength to go through the birthing process. 

By replacing fear with courage, your mental perspective regarding the situation you're facing changes. You no longer see your situation as one that you cannot overcome but you see yourself as being greater than your circumstance and that you can and will find a way through this. 

Mindset #5 - Encourage yourself

One of the things that I found helpful was to affirm that I must go through this and that here I was on this side of the bridge and in a few days I'd be on the other side holding my baby in my hands. I knew that this too will pass. I encouraged myself, "I can do this."

Be your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself through to the finish line. 

Whether your fear is fear of labor contractions, fear of failure or whatever it is, take courage, face the fear, use the above mindsets and walk on through onto a victorious outcome.

Today I hold my baby in my hands, appreciative and thankful for the miraculous birthing experience I had. Now I'm on the other side of the bridge. I did it and so can you. 


  1. Ohhhhh, that was a super post, Alicia. Very nicely written and totally inspiraitonal. So glad you are on the other side of the bridge, enjoying the splendid view, which includes your new little darling. Thanks for sharing your personal journey. Susan

  2. Thank you Susan. Yes, it does feel great being on the other side of the bridge. You're very welcome.

  3. wooo,what a perfect little picture. You really brought that home for me Alicia,I could really relate. And the other side of the Bridge was worth waiting for.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Tracey. You're welcome. When you hold the little one in your arms it's truly worth the journey.


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