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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Action Thursday - 3 Daily Action Steps to Feeling 'Good Enough'

Feeling 'not good enough' has been practiced on a regular basis, whether or not you were conscious of what you were doing, until it became a belief and habitual feeling. Now it's time to undo the process so you can adapt to the new mindset of feeling 'good enough'. 

Follow these 3 daily action steps and make them a part of your habitual state of being.

Daily Action Step #1 

With conviction, say out loud, "I'm good enough. I can be whoever I choose to be."

Daily Action Step #2

Feel your connection to the Universal Energy and Wisdom. Accept your oneness with the Great Universal Spirit. 

Daily Action Step #3

In the area of your life you feel you're not good enough, transform that energy into the feelings of 'good enough' and move forward in this positive energy to achieve your goal. E.g. if you're feeling not 'good enough' in a professional area of your life, repeat steps 1 and 2 and take progressive action toward fulfillment of your goal.


  1. Good post, Alicia, and all so true. Thanks and hope you have a good day today. Susan


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