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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inferiority Complex - How to Connect to the Universal Energy and Wisdom to Overcome the 'I'm Not Good Enough' Feeling

The Universal Energy and Wisdom is available for all, not just for a chosen few. However, you must make the connection in order to benefit from this vast pool of life. When you are conscious about your connection to the Spirit that gives life to all there’s no way that you can feel inferior and not good enough. Because the same life energy that flows through others flows through you as well.

How to connect to the Universal Energy and Wisdom

#1 - Be consciously aware of your connection

Being consciously aware that you are connected to the Universal Energy and Wisdom causes you to think about yourself differently. This awareness causes you to feel empowered from within so you can overcome the 'I'm not good enough' feeling. In this awareness how can you feel small, that you're not good enough?

#2 - Fill your eyes with the strength of the Spirit

When you see yourself drawing strength and wisdom from the Spirit you will continue to move in the direction of being good enough. Whatever you focus on, you will move towards, and as you move towards 'I'm good enough' through the eyes of the Spirit, you'll experience that too.

#3 - Create and use affirmations to transform your mind

All wisdom and knowledge is available to me and I can tap into and draw out whatever I need to enhance my life and live my life to the fullest.

As you use your affirmations, you'll affirm and feel the connection to the universal energy and wisdom flowing through you. You become a channel to receive what you need as your mind is transformed each day to accept the truth of who you are.

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