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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inferiority Complex - How to Shift Your Thinking to Overcome the 'I'm Not Good Enough' Feeling

Feelings of I'm not good enough' can really put you into a state of depression when you attempt to move forward toward any goal. Like thoughts attract similar thoughts that influence your emotions. As you allow this negative vibration to continue to linger in your mind and body, it can sabotage your progress. 

So let's look at the following steps to shift your thinking to overcome the 'I'm not good enough' feeling.

Step #1 - Identify the area of the 'I'm not good enough' feeling

What area of your life do you find that you're experiencing the 'I'm not good enough' feeling? What area do you feel this the strongest? By identifying this area you can better zoom in to closely examine the reason behind the feeling and find solutions for resolution. 

Step #2 - Make a conscious decision to shift your thinking

Once you've identified this area, make a conscious decision to shift your thinking to 'I'm good enough' just as anyone else. You're not being arrogant here. You're affirming to yourself something that's positive that will influence you in a positive way instead of negative. 

Conscious decision-making also gets your mind in gear to accept the change and more you forward in that direction. Remember, the key for effectiveness is to daily reaffirm your decision until it becomes a habit.

Step #3 - Focus on your potential

If you lived to your full potential, what would that look like? What would 'being good enough' look like to you? Once you can visualize that, see that as being you. Focus on this as your full potential until you become one with it, until you own it. 

Step #4 - Meditate

Meditate on the following statement:

"My current condition does not define my worth. These conditions are subject to change. They're not permanent. "

Think about this statement as often as possible until it sinks into the soil of your subconscious mind to begin the reprogramming process. Remind yourself of it daily. Sometimes we tend to return to the old way of thinking. 

When we look at our current circumstances and see no change depression may set in and the old 'I'm not good enough' feeling returns. Shift your thinking back to 'I'm good enough' and continue to practice over and over. 


  1. Thanks, Alicia. I especially like the reminder of visualization. Susan

  2. That's great Susan. Visualization really makes a difference in what you're focusing your attention on.


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